First deployed Punks on Aptos blockchain.


Punks on the Aptos blockchain.

I am the developer of Aptos and deployed this collection on the blockchain a few days after Aptos launched. And I forgot about it !

And a few months later, while working on Aptos' development, I remembered this. And my team suggested opening a mint.

Some NFTs were airdropped to the team and early Aptos users.

Mint is live now. Get your own Apots NFT !

First collection as AptoPunks

The value of this collection is that it was first deployed on the Aptos blockchain under the name of AptoPunks.

The date can be checked in the blockchain.

(10/29/2022 20:16:43)

Other collections using AptoPunks may exist, but anything earlier than this date will never exist on the blockchain in the future.

What is Aptos?

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    Layer-one blockchain

    Aptos is a layer-one blockchain developed by Aptos Labs

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    Aptos Labs was founded by core contributors of Diem (developed by Meta)

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    The Aptos blockchain can theoretically reach 160, 000 transactions per second (TPS) while maintaining security and reliability. A few revolutionary concepts are at work behind Aptos' impressive performance.

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    BFT Consensus Protocol

    Aptos decouples the two processes and lets them run parallel to each other.